Cross-border payments are at the heart of the Blockchain, Web3 & Metaverse. They enable the exchange of goods and services between nations, the settlement of financial contracts between corporations across borders and the channeling of international aid. By facilitating cross-border transactions, PBT-2 is a new backbone of globalization in trade and finance on the Blockchain, Web3 & Metaverse.

Kickstarting an ecosystem of digital innovation integrated along customer journeys offering a more inclusive, transparent, and secure financial system. Its true value lies in making the everyday life of the consumer easy and frictionless. A Physical Backed Terminal (PBT-2) is a technology-driven blockchain innovation introducing cost-effective solutions to merchants pain points and more relevant than ever before. PBT-2 presents a significant opportunity for companies to create new revenue streams and improve customer experiences. PBT-2 can also be enabled for seamless connections between banks and third-party service providers through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to effectively build, operate, and deliver products and services that serve customer needs.

PBT-2 is Next-Gen money-moving AI technology with digital currencies and spurring operating model changes that speed organizational transformation. Business preference and necessity is driving the demand for real-time (instant) payments and the shift to foundational digital payments usage: Portable, Secure, Anyone can use it, Any Mobile device, Any Operating System, Any App or Service, Any (Crypto) Currency, Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere!

Traditional payment services lack transparency, making it difficult to track payments or to understand the details of a transaction. Traditional crossborder remittances are expensive (up to 20% fees) & slow (several days to weeks), with little transparency in tracking payments & understanding transactions, leaving the recipient waiting for much-needed funds. Remittances are a vital form of financial support for many people around the world, providing vital income for both individuals and developing economies.

PBT-2 technology is allowing instant payments, quick and easy access to funds, transfer funds globally, no need to physically transport large sums of money and to protect users from theft by governments, banks & hackers. PBTs have security codeouts and credit algorithm memory stripes integrated into their circuitry. Modifying a PBT chip is not possible and extremely difficult. To access a different account than it is coded for, is practically impossible. Because of common security countermeasures, any attempt to modify the chip activates a selfdestruct program, destroying the chip.

Physical Backed Token (PBT)

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Physical Backed Token (PBT) is a blockchain-based token that combines the features of the Ethereum-based ERC721 standard with a physical item.

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Decentralized Automated Payment Processor - DAPP

AI Instant Cross-border Payments

Digital disruption in the financial services supply chain has been driven by advances in technology, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT). These technologies have enabled us to improve processes, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences. Think of the last time when you visited an actual bank branch that might be years ago, and what about all failing banks of recent times like Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank & Credit Suisse, who’s next? 

A Decentralized Automated Payment Processor (DAPP) does not require a thirdparty intermediary, such as a bank or other financial institution. AI facilitates cross-border payments, enabling businesses to send and receive payments in multiple currencies. Transactions are processed in real-time between two users, using a distributed ledger on the blockchain. Transactions are recorded on the ledger and payments are immutable & secure (IPFS). This DAPP can be used for instant (global) payments of any size, small micropayments to large amounts, improving security & speeds up the payment process.

Physical Backed Terminal (PBT-2)

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Physical Backed Terminal (PBT-2) is a new blockchain-based token payment system on IPFS that combines the features of the Ethereum-based ERC20, ERC721, BEP20, USDT, USDC with a physical transaction. Truly own your assets, accept instant payments and decide when & where to spend.

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Open AI


Machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify patterns in payment data, detect fraud, and reduce payment errors.


Ethereum is blockchain technology that's home to digital money, global payments, and applications.

Physical Backed Token


Physical Backed Token is a Ethereum token standard based off of ERC721. It ties a physical item to a digital token.


Authentication is decentralized by using a chip with public-private key pair for self-attestation & secure standard.


Instant payments, quick and easy access to funds, transfer funds globally & protect users from theft by any entity.


IPFS is a distributed system for storing and sharing files that is secure, content-addressed, and resilient to attack.

Unstoppable Domains


Building decentralized digital identities for the world. No more copying and pasting. no renewal, gas or hosting fees.

Ethereum Name Service


Use your web3 username, avatar and other profile data across multiple services on the Blockchain, Web3 & Metaverse.


Web3 allows to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain with coins & tokens.


A collective virtual shared space, virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space.

Our Roadmap

PBT-2 Strategy and
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Research & Development

Online- & Mobile Payment Solutions Identify Objectives, Target Market Creating Wireframes & Prototypes
Q2 2022

Non-Profit Beginning

Functionality & Performance Trial & Error Ready for Deployment
Q3 2022

SoftPOS Beta

Beta Testnet Launch Public Incentivize Beta Test Fixing Bugs & Security
Q4 2022

PBT-2 Token Test

Crypto Credits Token Generation Blockchain Explorer and dApp Insights into Data & Reporting
Q1 2023

PBT-2 Alpha Test

Privacy Preserving Chains
AI Decentralised App (IPFS)
Prevent Private Data Leaks
Q2 2023


Hardware ManufacturingProcessing Orders Packaging Products Prepare Shipping
Q2|Q3 2023

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  • USDC | USD Coin
  • ERC20 | Metaverse
  • USDT | Tether
  • BTC | Bitcoin
  • ETH | Ethereum
  • TUSD | TrueUSD

1 USDT = 1.00 CREDIT$

Stablecoin cryptocurrency is designed to have a stable 1:1 value, tied to a fiat currency.


1 CREDIT$ = 1.00 USD

Fiat currency is designed to have a stable 1:1 value, tied to a stablecoin cryptocurrency.


0% Fees

Buy, sell & trade on the Marketplace, a free P2P trading zone with 0% transaction fee. Send money through Crypto Credits without fees by funding your transfer using your CREDIT$ wallet balance.

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